A sophisticated resort that thinks eternal time.


HOTEL SULATA is in the middle of Ashikaga.
We will introduce you to the unusual time in Ashikaga.
It is not only for business and sightseeing,
but also for women with clean rooms and Amenities.

Can reserve from the website .After check in you can go to anytime.
We prepare nonsmoking so please fell us in advance.
The Chic & Modern room will take you to healing space.
Please experience the high quality hotel service and relaxing moments.

Welcome service

Welcome service such as drink, ice cream, cake etc are prepared.

VOD system

In the room TV.
Can see more than 300 titles of New Movie and semi recent released movies.

Breakfast service

We will provide breakfast to the Hotel stay guests.
There is Japanese,Western and porridge of rice.

Luxury Bath

Please heal the tiredness of the day with Jacuzzi.

A large TV

All the room have DVD player.

Mineral water

Bottles of Mineral water are in the room.

Free Wi-Fi

All room free WiFi.

The hotel name "SULATA" means a great joy in Sanskrit.
We hope the guests could rest in the "Great Joy"
For that we will fill the hotel with "Great Joy"
we will first get Great Joy so we can give "Great Joy"

Hotel Manager

in Ashikaga

  • Historical Ashikaga School

    Known as the oldest school in Japan, restored the appearance of the Edo period.
    "The largest and the most famous Bando university in Japan" It was introduced to the world by Francisco Xavier.
    It is now something that the local people rely on as a symbol of the home.

  • Bannaji

    The main hall is a national treasure.
    It is a temple but one of the 100 famous castles in Japan because of Ashikaga's home.
    It reminds the samurai residence of the Kamakura period on the site of about 40000㎡.

  • Ashikaga Flower Park

    One of the largest (garden of light flower) in Japan with 3.5 million balls,
    Illuminations and over 1000 yards of the garden of mistera flowers are masterpieces.

  • Orihime Shrine

    If you come to Ashikaga, Orihime's red shrine is markable. "
    It is a shrine dedicated to the god of marriage.
    You can also celebrate a wedding before the gods.

  • Hometown of Hotaru Hotaru

    Hotaru's spot accredited as "Village of Furusato Creatures". A lot of natural genji fireflies are seen.
    Best time to see is from 20:00-21:00 in early June.
    The night when it rained during the day is the best, but it can not be seen when it is raining. Be careful.

in Ashikaga

  • Sano Ramen

    There are many famous ramen shops such as "Yutaka-Ya""Yamato""Ittetsu" and "Takumi".
    "Yutaka-YA"'s gyoza is also extremely popular.

  • Mt.Izuru Japanese Noodles.(Soba)

    They are crowded with customers who enjoy the flavor and mouthfeel of original enjoy soda.

  • Soba-dokoro"Yamamoto"

    We recommend "Yamamoto"so much! It is 500 meters south from SULATA Ashikaga(5 minutes on foot).
    Handmade soba and set meals are enriched. Please enjoy.

  • Tochiotome

    In Tochigi Prefecture, strawberry production is the best in Japan.
    "Tochiotome" has originated in Ashikaga City, which is red and large and sweet strong.
    You can also enjoy strawberry picking in the season.

  • Pear and peach of fruit line (Haneda Town, Sano City)

    About 20 direct sales outlets are built, and pear picking can be enjoyed from late June until mid November.
    Pear is fresh, peach is sweet and soft, and very tasty.

  • Ear udon

    It is a kind of regional traditional food in Senba, Sano City.
    It's noodle dish similar to udon which means "devil's ears". Udon lovers must like it.
    There is a legend that it would be an amulet if you eat the devil's ears.
    "Nomuraya main store" is famous.

  • Miso Manju "Araiya"

    Popular item in Sano City which is eaten over 1 million a year.
    It is certified as Sano brand.
    The flavor of secret hide of manju is rich and harmony with paste which made of miso must make you eat.

in Ashikaga

  • Roadside station "Domannaka Tanuma"(Dead in the center Tanuma)

    As the name suggests, it is a road station in the middle of Japan.
    Contributing to the improvement of food culture, fresh, delicious, full-scale station.
    Various events are also held and you can enjoy it with your families.

  • Sano Premium Outlet

    About 180 stores both domestically and internationally gather, not only brand fashion,
    but also living goods and sport goods.
    It is very popular for a variety of goods.
    In Tohoku Expressway close to Sano Fujioka interchange.

  • Ashikaga Firework Festival

    It is held from 19:00-20:45 on the first Saturday of August every year.
    A gorgeous 200 million fireworks.
    The highlight is the finale of the masterpiece of a 400-meter "Niagara Fall" and "Large Star Mine".