A sophisticated resort that thinks eternal time.


HOTEL SULATA is in the middle of HonjoKodama.
We will introduce you to the unusual time in Saitama.
It is not only for business and sightseeing,
but also for women with clean rooms and Amenities.

Can reserve from the website .After check in you can go to anytime.
We prepare nonsmoking so please fell us in advance.
The Chic & Modern room will take you to healing space.
Please experience the high quality hotel service and relaxing moments.

Welcome service

It is next to the front desk at "Cafe De SULATA"
We provide welcome drink and Cake for 24hours.

Piano Man George

Piano Man George is playing at SULATA Honjo.
It attracts customers with outstanding technique and enchanting tone, wide repertoire.

Breakfast service

We will provide breakfast to the Hotel stay guests.
There is Japanese,Western and porridge of rice.

VOD system

In the room TV.
Can see more than 300 titles of New Movie and semi recent released movies.

A large TV

All the room have DVD player.

Mineral water

Bottles of Mineral water are in the room.

Free Wi-Fi

All room free WiFi.

The hotel name "SULATA" means a great joy in Sanskrit.
We hope the guests could rest in the "Great Joy"
For that we will fill the hotel with "Great Joy"
we will first get Great Joy so we can give "Great Joy"

Hotel Manager

in Saitama

  • Hokiichi Hanawa Memorial Hall

    Hokiichi Hanawa is a man who accomplished compilation of "group suits"with a major obstacle of blindness.
    This hall is a memorial hall which you can know his achivement.
    In Shibuya-ku there is also "Hokiichi Hanawa Museum".
    Can look at the same view as Nobunaga dreamed of making the power under control.

  • Busyu Honjo Seven Lucky Gods Tour

    Honjo inn which was in the largest scale in Nakasendo in the mid Edo period.
    Walking along the old Nakasendo road, yousee the seven lucky gods.
    When you participate in the first day of "Hiking from station" sponsored by JR East in every January.
    You can also enjoy "The Battle of Tsumikko" which is a battle of the famous food in Honjo.

  • Tajima Yahei old house

    A building the origin of modern silkworm method and of the two-story modern silk farmer building with Yagura by Tajima Yahei.
    Registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014.

in Saitama

  • Tsumikko

    It is a local food with a name from the dialect of "Tsumitoru" which means kneading in Japanese.
    It is "Suiton". It is boiled with plenty of local vegetables. Battle of Tsumikko is held every January.
    You can enjoy it with noodles, sushi and so on in "Kabutoya".

  • Dora-Q

    Sweets that Honjo special cucumbers and dorayaki collaborated.
    In the local sweets shop,you can buy many kinds of Dora-Q in ,any sweets shop.
    Honjo's cucumber is famous for "The best morning pick cucumber in Japan" in the Tsukiji market.

  • Harada's Rusk

    This Rusk is known as the "King's snack" and very popular nationwide.
    Besides regular rusks, there are also rusks coated of milk chocolate and of white chokolate.
    At the factory which in about 20 minutes from this hotel, the factory tour is popular which you can taste rusks.

in Saitama

  • Akagi Milk Factory

    Manufacturing factory of "Garigari-kun" .
    Popular factory tours and ice tasting are done for free.

  • Wakaizumi Park Sakura Festival

    Stunning wonderful cherry blossoms along the river.
    Cherry blossoms reflected on the water are also fantastic.
    This Festival is held according to the time.

  • Kodama Senbonzakura Festival

    On both sides of the Koyama River in about 5km as the name of Senbonzakura.
    There are about 1100 blooming cherry blossoms.
    This festival is held according to the time.