A sophisticated resort that thinks eternal time.


HOTEL SULATA is in the middle of Sapporo.
We will introduce you to the unusual time in Sapporo.
It is not only for business and sightseeing,
but also for women with clean rooms and Amenities.

Can reserve from the website .After check in you can go to anytime.
We prepare nonsmoking so please fell us in advance.
The Chic & Modern room will take you to healing space.
Please experience the high quality hotel service and relaxing moments.

Welcome service

It is next to the front desk at "Cafe De SULATA"
We provide welcome drink, ice cream and Cake for 24hours.

Luxury Bath

Please heal the tiredness of the day with Jacuzzi.

Breakfast service

We will provide breakfast to the Hotel stay guests.
There is Japanese, Western and porridge of rice.

VOD system

In the room TV.
Can see more than 300 titles of New Movie and semi recent released movies.

A large TV

All the room have DVD player.

Omotenashi call

There is a translation service by video phone.

Free Wi-Fi

All room free WiFi.

The hotel name "SULATA" means a great joy in Sanskrit.
We hope the guests could rest in the "Great Joy"
For that we will fill the hotel with "Great Joy"
we will first get Great Joy so we can give "Great Joy"

Hotel Manager

in Sapporo

  • Park of Main Street

    In spring "Lilac Festival" , In summer "Soran Festival" and beer garden.
    In fall "Autumun Festival" you eat all of Hokkaido's foods.
    In winter "Snow Festival". You can enjoy them the year.

  • Sapporo Dome

    It's the only stadium in the world is home to 2 professional league, Baseball and the J League.
    You can watch various event for example sports and live event.

  • O-kurayama Skiing Jump Arena.

    This is the place were the competition of skiing jump was held at Sapporo Olympic in 1972.
    There are facility you can enjoy in summer jump and night jump.
    Now many games are held too.

  • Literature Hall for Junichi Watanabe

    It is at South 12 of Chuo-ku. You can know his Literature and activity.
    His known novel "Shiturakuen" have received him the naoki award.
    There are many exhibit about him and it introduce his liferature, library and coffee shop there.

  • Clock Tower

    This is known as a symbol of Sapporo and important building for Japan.
    The bell ring every hour so evergone can know the time.

  • Mt. Moiwa

    It's at the center of Sapporo and covered by native forest of algae which is Country's natural monument.
    You can see all of Ishikari sea and Sapporo City from the top of the mountain.
    In the night you can see the night view of all of them and it's so beautiful like a diamond.

in Sapporo

  • Sapporo Beer Garden

    You can eat Genghis Khan which is a famous Hokkaido's food.
    There are all-you-can-eat buffet there, so it's good for the whole family and between friends.
    You can eat Genghis Khan and drink cold beer and see the red brick of Hokkaido.

  • Market Outside Sapporo

    There are many Hokkaido's food there.
    All of them is fresh and many people come there before 6 o'clock.
    You can eat delicious fish at many shop and everyone enjoy eating them.

  • Sapporo Ramen

    Sapporo is famous for it's ramen.
    Why don't you eat and compare "Sumire""Ebisoba Ichigen"and "Keyaki".
    Sapporo Miso Ramen is one of the three famous Japanese ramen brand.

in Sapporo

  • Sapporo Race Course

    It's a race course at the center house at Chuo and famous by helding summer horse course.
    GⅡ race is held too. The horses run across and infront of you, so you can feel great.
    Your family will enjoy there because there are facilities for kids too.

  • Susukino

    It's at the Center of Sapporo and called there amusement town of Japan.
    There are food shops, hotels for various genre.
    A huge neon is a symbol.

  • Maruyama Zoo Park

    It's at Sapporo City. There are over 200 species of animals.
    "Tazmania building" and "the building for birds", "reptile pavilion"," insect pavilion",
    that you can enjoy there.
    "Hokkaido Jingu" is also near there, so you can go and see.