A sophisticated resort that thinks eternal time.


HOTEL SULATA is in the middle of YamagataAir.
We will introduce you to the unusual time in Yamagata.
It is not only for business and sightseeing,
but also for women with clean rooms and Amenities.

Can reserve from the website .After check in you can go to anytime.
We prepare nonsmoking so please fell us in advance.
The Chic & Modern room will take you to healing space.
Please experience the high quality hotel service and relaxing moments.

Welcome service

It is next to the front desk at "Cafe De SULATA"
We provide welcome drink, ice cream and Cake for 24hours.

Luxury Bath

Please heal the tiredness of the day with Jacuzzi.

Breakfast service

We will provide breakfast to the Hotel stay guests.
There is Japanese,Western and porridge of rice.

VOD system

In the room TV.
Can see more than 300 titles of New Movie and semi recent released movies.

A large TV

All the room have DVD player.

Mineral water

Bottles of Mineral water are in the room.

Free Wi-Fi

All room free WiFi.

The hotel name "SULATA" means a great joy in Sanskrit.
We hope the guests could rest in the "Great Joy"
For that we will fill the hotel with "Great Joy"
we will first get Great Joy so we can give "Great Joy"

Hotel Manager

in Yamagata

  • Mountain Temple

    "Voice of the cicadas that seep into desert and rocks" is famous for Basho's phrase.
    More than 1100 years ago, the foundation "Rissyaku-ji" is famous for the name of Yamadera.
    It is a temple of a quiet and beautiful landscape that I loved Matuo Basyo.

  • Zao・Okama(Goshikinuma)

    Miyagi prefecture Karita gun Zao and the same prefecture Shibata gun Kawasaki cyo near the
    crater lake near prefectural border, also known as Goshikinuma.
    It is known as the highlight of sightseeing in the Zao faction.

  • Kaminoyama Castle

    It is widely known as "the castle of Usyu" which was the battlefield stage with Mr. Date and Mt. Uesugi of Yonezawa.
    Genroku 5th year (1692) , It is demolished by the shogunate, what is present is the upper mountain castle rebuilt.
    Ishigaki and Ohori traces have remnants of the time, and it is a sight of Kaminoyama city.

  • Higashizawa rose park

    From the beginning of June to the end of September, when the best season comes, colorful roses,
    which are large in size and strong in fragrance, are blooming on the vast grounds.

  • Shuhei Fujisawa Memorial Hall

    Tsuruoka city born era novel writer, literature museum about Shuhei Fujisawa.
    Valuable materials such as handwritten manuscripts and creative memos are displayed and
    studies at home are also reproduced in the hall.
    You can get familiar with Fujisawa works.

  • Ginzan Onsen

    It is famous for becoming the stage of NHK continuous TV novel "Oshin" .
    The buildings full of Taisho Roman line up on both banks of the river and feel the atmosphere.
    At night, the gaslight comes on and it gets very romantic.

in Yamagata

  • Yamagata noodles

    Chinese soba with Chinese noodres in a soy sauce based soup is "Yamagata noodle",
    and many shops offer chinese soba even in soba shops.
    There is also a soba shop where ramen is more popular than the original soba.

  • Yamagata beef

    Yamagata prefecture is the longest fattened and nurtured undelivered Japanese black cattle.
    It is more than 4 grade set by the Japan Association of Meat Ratings of the public corporation,
    the texture of the meat is fine and the taste is deep. Lipid is said to be delicious.

  • Cherry

    Yamagata prefecture cherries have old history and have been cultivated since BC,
    and only Yamagata Prefecture has achieved a record of few frost damage and typhoon damage.
    The cherries of Higashine City, have a sour taste, a sweet and flesh soft and beautiful ruby color.

  • Yamagata Imoni-kai

    The Yamagata autumn tradition which is held in early September every year, "Japan's first eel pot".
    In a large pot with a diameter of 6m, cook 3t of taro, 1.2t of beef , 3500 green onions, 700l of seasoned soy sause,
    sake with a hidden taste. Not only the tast, but also the scale is every more.

  • Soba Kaido

    "Soba Kaido" is the one that took over the tradition of this place "buckwheat".
    Buckwheat noodle with local buckwheat flour is characterized by somewhat hardened noodles.
    You can taste a wide variety of soba which set the taste of each shop.

  • Jyuuyondai

    Takagi Sake Brewery located in Murayama City brews, it is rich and mellow in Japanese sake.
    The rare value is so high that it is called "phantom sake", and the label decorated by a shining letter
    of the gold leaf is luxurious.

in Yamagata

  • Kamo Aquarium

    The best jellyfish aquarium in the world to the Sea of Japan.
    Over 50 kinds of jellyfish are displayed. Approximately 2000 scooped butterflies drift fantastically
    in the aquqrium "jellyfish dream theater" with a water tank diameter of 5m.
    It is an aquarium that you can enjoy for a day, including feeding of sea lions and birds.

  • Omoshiroyama Kogen

    A corner of Mt. Omoshiroyama Kogen Ski Area at the prefectural border of Miyagi and Yamagata.
    From late August, one million cosmos of eight kinds bloom colorfully, such as red, pink and white.
    You can also enjoy it as a ski resort in winter.

  • Nishi Zao Park

    "Zao mountain" symbolizing Yamagata.
    You can enjoy the outdoor bath in the spa where the scent of sulfur floats,
    in the winter you can enjoy the natural beauty of skiing and ice monster ice cream.
    Between May and October, we held a morning market with special products etc lined up.
    (Every Sunday from 6:00 am to 7:30 am)
    Near the Zao Echo Line, there is a lake crater "Ogawa" that pounded the emerald green water.

  • Ice monster

    You can see from Zao Onsen Ski Resort ・ Zao Ropeway.
    It is called "Ice monster" because the big grown ice cubes looks like a monster.
    It begins to grow from around December and the most peak is February.
    Light up is also done in the vicinity of Zao ropeway mountaintop station,
    you can wish a different fantastic figure from daytime.

  • Mogami river boat descent

    Along the flow of Mogami river, the Mogami river boat enjoying the seasons of Mogami Gorges from the shipboard.
    In winter, a kotatsu ship that prepares a kotatu on a Japanese ship appeared,
    and you can enjoy the winter landscape surrounding the kotatsu.
    It is about an hour's cruise while listening to the familiar boatman's funeral.

  • Hanagasa Festival

    One of the Tohoku 4 major festivals.
    Hanagasa drum is ringing with a shouting of "Yasho, Makasho!"
    With glossy costumes and a Yamagata-City flower "Safflower" hand-picked shrimp,
    the dancers will glorify the magnificent dance on the main street.